Standard Horizontal Record Album Storage Unit

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This is our Standard Horizontal Record Album Storage Unit. Hand-made of the finest clear pine joined with hand cut dovetail joinery. Each unit will hold approximately 255 LPs,or 85 per cubicle. Legs and joinery details ae made of oak standard but cherry, mahogany or walnut may be substituted at no additional charge. This piece provides a functional and visually interesting way to store your prized collection.

Outside measurements: 43 1/2"W x 21 3/4"H x 15"D.

Each cubicle measures 13 1/2"H x 13 1/2"W x 14 5/8"D.

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    Front View

    Oblique End View

    End View

    Close-Up Leg Mortice Joint Detail

    Single record album storage "Cubes"

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    Construction Details:

    These units are all handmade, each and every one, using the finest woods and construction methods possible. Every piece utilizes dozens of tight fitting hand made dovetail joints providing strength and an extra measure of beauty. All surfaces are very finely sanded inside and out. The outside surfaces are finished with several coats of hand rubbed Danish oil. Inside surfaces are also very finely sanded but left unfinished for better archival protection of your special vinyl collection.

















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    Each item is shipped individually by UPS or FedEx Ground. Call or e-mail for shipping quote.

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